The Summer Professional Training Program


TEACHING THEATRE:  The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is passionately dedicated to the developing and nurturing early career theatre artists for the American stage.  We see ourselves as a teaching theatre, and take that responsibility very seriously.   From first year students to returning alumni to our professional artists and artisans, everyone is determined to provide exceptional training opportunities for up-and-coming theatre artists while continuing to stretch his/her own skills and advance the craft and artistry of theatre as a whole.

Though the experience is individualized for each student, there are some guiding philosophies that drive the overall Training Program experience. Regardless of the area of study, the training for each individual participant follows a three-tier model of training.

  • OBSERVATION – During the course of the summer, participants will attend up to a dozen-plus different theatre projects at the Theatre, providing important opportunities to see and assess professional and peer work while honing one’s critical eye.  Participants will also have a chance to see and assimilate different techniques utilized in their areas of study while working alongside members of the staff as well as acclaimed guest artists.

  • EDUCATION – Classes, master classes, workshops and seminars are scheduled throughout the summer.  Each session is designed to provide new skills and insights for the participants in subjects specifically targeted to their areas of study, as well as subjects important to theatre in general.

  • EXECUTION – Actors get to act, designers get to design, and stage managers get to stage manage; the list goes on and on.  It is important to us that students have the opportunity to put into practice the skills that they have gained over the summer.  Whether as daily work in their department, or through specific opportunities for them to take ownership of and responsibility for specific independent projects, each participant will leave with increased confidence and important resume-building projects and/or performances.

CONNECTIONS: Though the majority of our professional artists come from the NYC area, the Shakespeare Theatre works with exceptional artists from across the country. By participating in The Shakespeare Theatre’s Training Program, one can begin forging professional and peer alliances outside of the university setting; connections that prove essential to one’s theatre career. 

THE LATE-NITE SERIES: Possibly one of the most exciting programs for our students, the Late-Nite Series provides participants the opportunity to showcase their work and skills to an audience comprised of the Training Program company, as well as members of the artistic, administrative and production staff, faculty, the Equity Company, and guest directors and designers.  The supportive environment encourages students to push their craft to the limit. 

THE FINAL PROJECT: The summer experience culminates with the presentation of an abridged production of a lesser-known Shakespeare play directed by resident director Brian B. Crowe, designed and managed by members of the Intern Company, and performed by the entire Apprentice Company.  Students are encouraged to stretch their creative muscles under the mentorship of Shakespeare Theatre staff.  The Final Project has proven to be one of the most exciting, unique, and artistically rewarding components of our Training Program.