The Acting Apprentice Company

GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES are available for all Apprentices in The Late-Nite Series.  Possibly one of the most exciting programs for our students, the Late-Nite Series provides participants the opportunity to showcase their work and skills to an audience comprised of the Training Program company, as well as members of the artistic, administrative and production staff, faculty, the Equity Company, and guest directors and designers.  The supportive environment encourages students to push their craft to the limit. 

Acting Apprentices perform in three scene-night/showcase presentations and the Final Project, which showcases all members of The Apprentice Company as they perform an abridged Shakespeare play.     

THE EPIC SCENE NIGHT focuses on the deliciousness of language, clear storytelling, physical expression, and a collaborative approach to exploring classic literature.  This is the first piece Apprentices work on, and it is usually presented in week three or four.  The Apprentice Company is divided into two groups; each of which works under the guidance of a staff or guest director to create a short yet compelling work of theatre inspired by classic texts.  Past projects have included selections from The Mahabharata, Agamemnon, Spoon River Anthology, The Oresteia, and other epic poetic works.
THE DIRECTOR/APPRENTICE SCENE Night is a collection of classic non-Shakespeare scenes directed by members of the Intern Company and presented around week seven of the program.  With a focus on specific and honest human interactions (even in the sometimes stylized works), the scenes range from the Greeks to Shaw, Molière to Williams, and everything in between.

THE SHAKESPEARE SCENE NIGHT is directed by staff, faculty, or guest artists, and includes a wide range of works from the Bard.  It is an ideal opportunity to focus on clear text work, dynamic performances, and a rich use of the language.  This showcase performance also encourages students to find that essential union of honest human characters and delicious and specific use of language.  The project is presented in week nine of the program

THE FINAL PROJECT: The summer experience culminates with the presentation of an abridged production of a lesser-known Shakespeare play directed by resident director Brian B. Crowe, designed and managed by members of the Intern Company, and performed by the entire Apprentice Company.  It begins rehearsals approximately half way through the summer, and is the primary focus for Apprentices during the final week of the program.  It is performed on the final Friday evening of the program as the last Late Nite of the season. The Final Project has proven to be one of the most exciting, unique, and artistically rewarding components of our Training Program.

ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES are possible for apprentices in the Independent Late-Nite projects created by members of the Intern Company.

Although The Shakespeare Theatre does not guarantee the casting of Apprentices on the Main and Outdoor Stages, the size of the productions often allows Apprentices to be cast in small roles, providing valuable opportunities for them to work with seasoned professionals.  Apprentices cast in productions are eligible to receive Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) points by enrolling in the AEA EMC Program.