The Acting Apprentice Company




"I've learned and grown more here than I have at [my university] in three years."
– Alaina M., Apprentice

“[While at The Shakespeare Theatre] I became much more comfortable taking risks and making bold choices and standing by them.  I regained a confidence in my own acting and my commitment to theatre that had been previously lost in a proverbial cloud of doubt.”
– Matt S., Apprentice / NSE

"I walked away from the summer with a new passion for classical theatre and its modern relevance."

“I’ve learned to be a more self sufficient actor.”
– Vincent T., Apprentice / NSE

"This progam is the best training I have received so far."

“[The Shakespeare Theatre Apprenticeship] demystifies some of the life of an actor and lets young actors get a handle on what they are getting into.  It helps point you in the right direction.”
– Seth R., Apprentice / NSE

“The [Training Program] pushed me to the point where I found strengths I never knew I had.”
– Ryan M, Apprentice/Non-Equity Company

“I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world…I’m leaving this program as a better actor with new tools that I can use whenever I need to.” 
– Miranda M, Apprentice

"It's a business that requires a strong skin, determination and perserverance, and I now know that I'm capable of stepping up to the plate because of this program."

“I feel that I am prepared to go out and begin working towards my career now.”
– Nathan K., Apprentice

“[The program] is vital, unapologetic, challenging, and above all, enlightening.  I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend the last two summers…As a returning apprentice, I was better prepared for what the summer had to offer, and the experience I gained was infinitely more rewarding.”
– John H, Returning Apprentice / NSE

“I got more than my money’s worth!  It was a combination of all the right things: the classes, the teachers…Such a well rounded experience.”
– Sarah Q, Returning Apprentice

“The quality of training and performance opportunities vastly surpassed my expectations.”
– Rebecca D, Apprentice

“The training program is intense and specific to actors’ needs, and there is no better way to improve as an actor than to acquire first-hand knowledge of how a professional theatre works.  I highly recommend the program to every young actor I know.”
– Geoff W, Appr/NSE/Non-Eq/AEA

“I met artists who inspired me with their perpetual positive attitudes and love of the work.  I feel more prepared to compete in the professional world than I ever did before.”
– Victoria H., Apprentice

 “The intensity of the training pushed my skills to the absolute limit, and allowed me to reach a new level of skill and dedication.”
– Constantine D., Apprentice

“So many doors have been opened to me this summer, and I have STNJ to thank for it…It’s a shame more institutions like this don’t exist.”
– Tyler E, Apprentice / NSE

“I couldn’t have imagined a better summer to lead into my final year in college.”
– Jessica G, Apprentice

“There is no better classical training program in the nation that nurtures and challenges artists.”
– Amaya A, Apprentice/NSE

“[The Shakespeare Theatre] offers a wonderful opportunity to become involved in not only professional theatre but with high standards and amazing QUALITY!  They helped prep me for a bigger world after college, and gave me a sense of what to expect when I entered it.”
– Greg D, NSE/Non-Eq/AEA

"I found that working in this kind of environment truly inspired me to be better and work harder." 

“I have a much more realistic idea of what a career in theatre will be like.  Being able to work with people at different stages of their careers gave me a better idea of what I need to focus on.”
– Alison W., Directing Intern

“Hundreds of people working towards a common goal of making the world a better place through art…it seems like an idealistic dream, but that’s what happens here.”
– Lia B, Dramaturgy Intern

“This is a wonderful place to grow…The intimate nature of the program makes everything very personalized and hands-on.”
– Christine W, Stage Management
Intern/AEA PSM

"I learned quite a bit about various working styles and how to adapt my own style project to project so I can better interface with, collaborate with, and support the team and artistic process."

“This summer taught me how to cope with life in the theatre, not just being a student of the theatre.”
– Michael S., Sound Design Intern

"This isn't an internship where you just sit at a desk and do nothing. We were always doing so much, and that was amazing."

“I’ve learned more in eleven weeks here than in almost two years of university theatre.  It’s been intense and very eye-opening.”
–Mallory A, Stage Management Intern

“Very few theatres give interns as much responsibility as I got here.  I was trusted to do the work, and the contacts I made are of enormous value.”
–Amanda C, Artistic/Casting Intern

"I got direct hands-on experience daily."

“Because of the size of the shop and the intensity of the workload, I never felt like I was the ‘coffee-boy.’ I got to work directly with designers and shop technicians in a way that interns at non-education-based theatre do not.
– Justin P, Costume Design Intern

 “This is a theatre with high standards and extraordinary artists; a place where you want to be, where you want to come back to, where you want to stay.  You can’t go wrong being a part of this company.”
– Joe D, Directing Intern

“This has got to be one of the most inspiring, nurturing, incredible environments for theatre professionals…I hope to return one day very soon and continue to be a part of the STNJ family.”
– Shayna C, Education Intern/Apprentice

“The people I have met here have made this experience truly unforgettable.”
– Tzipora K., Directing Intern

“I learned the most working alongside professionals; the camaraderie was unlike anything I have experienced so far.”
– Genevieve K., Wardrobe Intern

“I’ve been talking to my friends about our internships this past summer… The education and experience I got blew everyone else out of the water.”
– Christine L, Technical Direction Intern