By David Davalos 
Directed by Joseph Discher 
Begins September 10

It’s fall semester at Wittenberg University and the playwright’s magic has manipulated time and space to bring an unusual quartet together — Doctor Faustus, Martin Luther, their pupil Hamlet, and Helen of Troy — to engage in debate about faith, fate, existence, and tennis.  The huge enigmas that eternally puzzle mankind are given a witty, provocative, and delightfully quirky forum in this modern play populated by iconic luminaries from times past.         

Faustus:  I’ll be playing at The Bunghole this week, Wednesday and Friday nights, my usual gig, if you feel like a little light lute.  Two-stein minimum, all the tripe you can eat. So: big year.  Senior class.  Good time to be thinking about declaring a major.
Hamlet:  So t’would seem.

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