The Alchemist

By Ben Jonson 
Adapted and Directed by Bonnie J. Monte 
Begins August 6

This rowdy, bawdy, lunatic comedy about con men in 1610 shows how little has changed about greed or gullibility in the affairs of mankind. Three tricky gullers and the parade of outrageous characters they gull will leave you breathless with astonishment and laughter. An exquisite ensemble of some of the company’s most skilled comedians will bring this rarely-produced satiric masterwork to madcap life.

You shall be soaked, and stroked, and tubb’d and rubb’d,
And scrubb’d, and fubb’d, dear don, before you go. 
You shall in faith, my scurvy baboon don,
Be curried, claw’d, and flaw’d, and taw’d indeed.

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