By David Davalos 
Directed by Joseph Discher 
Begins September 10

It’s fall semester at University of Wittenberg and the playwright’s magic has manipulated time and space to bring an unusual quartet together — Doctor Faustus, Martin Luther, their pupil Hamlet, and Helen of Troy — to engage in debate about faith, fate, existence, and tennis.  The huge enigmas that eternally puzzle mankind are given a witty, provocative, and delightfully quirky forum in this modern play populated by iconic luminaries from times past.         

Faustus:  I’ll be playing at The Bunghole this week, Wednesday and Friday nights, my usual gig, if you feel like a little light lute.  Two-stein minimum, all the tripe you can eat. So: big year.  Senior class.  Good time to be thinking about declaring a major.
Hamlet:  So t’would seem.