The Thomas H. Kean Theatre Factory Tour

Take a tour of one of the most unique, behind-the-scenes workspaces in the American theatre. STNJ’s Thomas H. Kean Theatre Factory houses all of the shops, costumes, props, and scenery needed to produce plays, plus much much more. Located in Florham Park, NJ this 50,000 sq. ft. site is, simultaneously, an interactive museum; work of art; teaching tool; and actual workspace for scores of theatre artists. See how a play goes from page to stage, from beginning to end and experience the tour and building that never fail to amaze visitors. Tours can be booked by appointment and each tour is led by one of STNJ’s staff members. These tours are appropriate for both young people and adults and can also be accompanied by a post-tour lecture for an additional fee.


Adult groups pay $20 per person; children under 16 can tour for $12. Each tour group is limited to 20 people. For larger groups, arrangements can be made for multiple guides at an additional fee.


For more information about booking a Theatre Factory tour, please contact AC Horton at or call 973-845-6723.

Backstage Tours

Backstage tours of the F.M. Kirby Shakespeare Theatre can be arranged for an additional fee. Patrons can view the behind-the-scenes spaces that support the work on stage. From dressing rooms and rehearsal spaces to the light and sound booth, these tours encourage a broader awareness of what it takes to bring a show to life on stage.


For more information about our backstage tours, please contact AC Horton at